So the sound thing is taken a backseat to the making of artworks.

Of course, in my own head it’s all totally interconnected and the sound things are artworks and what I do with them when they are finished is also hopefully artwork but we live in a world totally ignorant of many of the finer balances that need to be made so I have to change tack and redefine what I do along the lines of being more interested in how something looks than how it works.

I’m still making utilitarian objects but the balance has moved from performance to appearance and while I don’t necesarly mind that, it’s all just problem solving after all, it’s somewhat like cutting off the hands to over emphasise the face and thats seems a bit of a pity.

So it’s a compromise. I am compromising myself to make money… in a purist sense, but I’m also quite keen to have some sound making facility in one or two art objects as well as doing music during the opening so maybe it’s also about backward steps to allow people to see the directions that have led to me to where I am know.

Whether or not any of it is important is debatable but I really have to go outside to make things so I won’t be joining the debate.

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