Going to Linux.

For starters I should be out welding to make some more money but earlier this morning I loaded the programs I got with the UCA222 behringer audio interface and realised, after playing a wee bit in the program Audacity, that I’ve got to start from scratch and relearn the stuff I learnt years ago when I was last playing with sound on PC’s using Cool edit. One option is to install Cool edit and see if it works under XP, and maybe save a little time while the other option, which I think might be better in the long run, is to reformat the disk and start over with Linux.

I had my laptop sorted the other day by this old fellow, the mute button in Windows media player was defaulted, and he gave me a runthrough of Linux Ubuntu and the simple fact that in loading Ubuntu for the first time, while connected to broadband, it’ll access the net and go searching for all the drivers the machine it’s on will need… thats just got to be easier than the constant hassle of loading drivers through Windows.

Much more research to do before I jump in but these sites seem to be a good start.
How to do it
And whats available under Linux

I was a bit late in the whole PC internet revolution, started computing in 2000 on Win 98SE and now at the junction of actively choosing whether to soldier on with XP or jump to the front of the cue and join the open source revolution, quite possibly at a time when it’s just crossed from total nerdville into code dumb user viability, then that which scares one the most may actually be the best option. Actually staying with windows scares me the most whereas jumping to Linux and starting again from the ground up excites me.

Excites me almost as much as what my Good Friend Felix is up to
Tidy Huh!
Heres a screenshot of a DAW called Ardour that can run on Linux… just so theres a picture to end with.

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  1. Ah, the old fellow was talkin’ about something like this… and they have cool edit pro 2 in the directory. Oops should have looked for photoshop… for when I change the desktop over.

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