Welding Woks!

Last night I decided I’m going to build an instrument today. I’ve had the idea floating about for a while and because of the furniture making I’m doing, which I have started I’m going to do an instrument in steel today to setup the way I go into the furniture when I get back into it tomorrow.
Theese eze de chairoo!
I quite like the idea of one set of aethetics helping to define another. So I’ve got the backbone of one chair I’m planing to do sorted, out of two, and the second is an Ottoman that’ll have three woks as the seating bases, so if I now spend the day building a musical instrument with two woks joined together as the body the problem solving I’ll have to go through to bring the instrument into reality will set me up nicely with a set of principles to build the chairs.
Years and years ago me and some good friends were in the Red Bull Trolley Derby, I got 2k from Slingshot to build the trolley and advertise them on it’s body work, and I did a soundtrack for our performance and then we all dressed up and played make believe instruments. The instrument I had, ’cause I was lead guitarist and singer… of course!, was really neat and I’ve always thought of building something similar that really works. I’ve got a photo somewhere but God knows where, maybe on a CD, but anyways the instrument was all aluminium and I’ve kinda figured I couldn’t make one solely out of aluminium, it’d be really hard and super time consuming as well as expensive, so I’m going to make it out of steel.
Orcon man is here now to changeover so later… (changeover done and it doesn’t seem any faster than slingshot… I’ll have to have a word after checking some download speeds)

But back on the net anyways.
Heres the backbone for the top wok placed in position.
backbone for Gimbo.
… and this is the view from the top.
Gimbo top sounding thingy (chamber?)
…and here I’ve kinda stuck it all together and just run out of oxygen but I’ve got another so I’ll return the empties, to keep costs down, and then finish brazing it up. Actually I’ll go out and finish braze it then drop the empties as it’ll have time to cool down.
chamber for sound and holding of neck.
Next step is putting the neck on and then brazing on the frets after chasing down the program at Windworld to do the calculations for me.
As for holes in the top I’ll drill them later and make ’em bigger with the jigsaw then pore in some rust preventive to keep it clean…
This is a quick sketch of what I’m trying to acheive.

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