In the meantime.

Got rained out yesterday. Pissing down it was so all I got done was a few frets brazed to the latest machine… but todays going to be fine all day, good Indian summer day!

Went through some old links and even though I find this chap a little irritating… I love what he does. Does lots of it and it’s good but I’d like to know more about how and the fact hes a little short on explanations pisses me off… one of the prime reasons I try and explain so much of what I do!
ines's stuff.
He started off with a blog, which isn’t going to last to much longer.
Because now he’s got a website.
The necks flat as a pancake, or was before I started putting the frets on, but I hadn’t checked the straightness perpendicularly, and it has a nice curve there… but that doesn’t really matter much. So I’m at the point where I’ll just keep adding frets and then hammer the shit out of it later if the neck comes up and then heat up each fret joint to straighten them all up… and if that doesn’t work I’ll put the belt sander on it. Basically build it then try and set it up flat and even… ish. Steel’s just to fluid too be kept straight when the method of joining involves heat. But this is how I keep relearning that fact! Try and make it do what it doesn’t really want to… but it doesn’t matter, it’s not for Rockstars doing licks at the speed of arrogance.. it’s for me!

So all it has to do is look good and sound… interesting, and it’s already done that without even having strings on it… I can’t fail!

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