Getting used to Ubuntu.

I can’t remember what I wrote last time but I think I was on my second install. Now I’ve done the third and it seems alot more stable. I had a bunch of problems on the second after a few add ons to firefox. Whether they were the problem I don’t know but suffice to say I just did another install. Once it was installed I updated straight away and once that was done I went to Ubuntu Studio 10.04 and the whole thing took about 6-7 hrs including the 3.5 hr download of 10.04. This happened at night to about 2.30 in the morning and after the download the computer wan’t another 2 hrs to install so I left it running and went to bed.

I suppose thats a good sign, eh? The fact that I’m happy to let Linux do it’s stuff entirely without me in evidence. So in the morning there it was all set up and ready to go. Then I went back and did the hardware devices and downloaded the Nvidia graphics and that installed this time without a hitch. Now I’ve kinda learned that with a new OS it’s an idea to go back to the beginning and instead of leaping into the OS like you know PC’s inside out and do add ons and plug ins to see what happens its actually a better idea to work into things a little slower. Last night I spent most of my time in preferences remaking the window colours and then downloading backgrounds to get the work surface nice and suitable for what I want. Okay, thats only comsmetic but I think the fact I’m no computer whiz and I know nothing about command lines means that me and the PC need to spend some time on the surface getting to know each other.

So instead of me standing on the surface and issueing these big commands that send streaks of lightening down into the core kernel I’m most probably better off acheiving stability in ways that I understand in real life. Basically that means getting to know the ‘puter on it’s surface and then as intimacy developes it’ll let me in deeper and respond in ways that suit us both as we’ll have developed a bond and feel safe and secure in each others presence. I mean without the actual knowledge of making this machine do what I want, as in master and slave, I have no other choice but to treat it like a friend and hope we become lovers in the not too distant future.

So the plan now is to take my time and watch a bunch of DVD’s on it, listen to some of my favourite CD’s and watch some youtube vids given to me by my good friend John about various scientific geniuses. Also I’ve got a set of ‘puter speakers that I got for a few bucks that upon opening seem to have a nice little amp in there so I’ll hook those up as the first hardware to the outside world. Once some of this is under way I’ll make tentative jumps into the audio hardware and do a little playing about with drum loops and suchlike… I think it’ll work!

Meanwhile I’m reading this book about Ubuntu

Plus I’ve joined the requisite forums to get help when needed

And now this’ll be required reading as well

So doing some reading above the first thing one has to do is get Jack going properly.
Jack’d is the underlying connectivity of all the audio so getting that up and running is paramount.
Heres the page detailing the things one does

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