And now the desktop…

Seems like the Laptops underway and I’m now looking at doin’ the desktop. Back’dup all the info I’ve had on it and put it on a USB harddrive as well as storing the firefox bookmarks and getting an add on to be able to copy the passwords. Also burned an XP.iso on to a CD so I’m basically ready to do the installs. All I gotta do now is list all the hardware and find XP drivers for it, as the ones I have are for 98SE and even though I can extract and store those, they may not be what I want. Soon as I’ve done that and burnt them I’ll be ready to reboot from the XP disc, load it up, defrag it, then repartition under the Linux load and install that as well.

Just a little more research to do with open SuSe, not hardware compatibilities, but with any Linux software I’d like on both machines.

Basically the desktop is my realworld internet workhorse and the laptops my audio visual workstation but there’ll be some interaction as any downloading and uploading’ll happen on the desktop, and relevant sorting out of files into formats for use, then swapping across to the laptop to be played with. Hmm…

The learning curve isn’t so steep after all, but learning to take things slowly and do research, thats a new ballgame.

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