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Hello, my names _ _ _ _ and I’m a Radio Shack Nostalgic!
Shockley and crew.
I’d like the above on a T-Shirt!
The lost tribes of Radio Shack
Please read the article before you read what I’ve written below… just advice and you can, of course, make up your own mind.

I really liked that article even though I know this stuff, we all do, but in the avalanche of it’s repercussions, the fact we all know is hardly ever mentioned. But I don’t really think it’s anything to get too concerned about, I mean it’s wasteful and kinda stupid, but, by the same token, I think it’s merely a passing phase, and adjustment of sorts as western societies find their way into a new phase of living in the world.

While the components disappear of these previous ages of DIY we have to acknowledge that the consumer culture of electronics has actually made a whole lot of things possible that weren’t when Computers and Film and Audio equipment were specialized items only available to the Big Boys. Thats all changed and while we may be losing the nuts and bolts, or at least seeing diminishing supplies and suppliers, of DIY activity the internet and cheaper and cheaper top quality equipment has created a whole undercurrent of abilities that will definitely have their day… in the not too distant future I would surmise. Whether or not the audience will increase to allow this counter culture to grow in a way we might understand as required is another story and not one I’m going to go into but it doesn’t really matter whether it grows or not. The point is that the article is symtomatic of a transitional stage in modern culture and I think the important thing to be looking at is the fulcrum point of those two supposedly divergent areas of development.

One being consumerism and the other being the creative “industries”. They are much alike the struggle that was the Unions back in the day. The argument of Unionism was to collectivise and to take that a little further is the notion that if the creative sector where to survive in and of itself, without needing the big bucks investments from the other pole, then eventually the other pole would have to run on its own fuel… and pop will eat itself!

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