Sounds of hammers!

So I haven’t been here for a very long time, not sure so thats why it’s long, but I do like to write and after moving away from windows 98 and firefox 2 I’m now running Ubuntu 10.04 with a latest version firefox… so I can read this site again. I haven’t done any instrument making for ages and I’m now deep into rebuilding my little house on the backlawn. The roofs come off and I’ve given myself more interior room and made it as waterproof as I possibly can. So I’m hammering and sawing and all that sort of stuff, out in the hot sun, and it’s definitely a grounding experience but I’m also listening to all the little noises I make so who knows what mad music makers I’ll be coming up with. Prior to this I’d been working with friends Valerie and Kristin working up a set of covers to have been done at the gallery opening for “Art As War” last year… but it didn’t happen but we’re all keen to get back into it.
And after helpin’ out Morag Brownlee in her show “Birds of Paradise” I think we might be able to expand the context of a few songs and build a theatrical act of sorts.
my house expanding.

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